A New Chapter in My Life: YWAM Ships

There’s something in every person’s life that lights an unquenchable fire inside of them. That activity, that person, that place, that calls to them like a siren at sea. I used to think these callings were simply passions for hobbies, sports, or past-times; and now I understand that my calling is something much deeper and integral to my identity and who I am.

I am called to serve Jesus with YWAM Ships in Mazatlan, Mexico.

YWAM Ships is a mercy ministry that equips maritime ships to bring medical relief and serve as a mobile base of operations for our Mazatlan base. Our ship will bring much needed medical relief such as preventative care, surgeries, dental, and pharmaceutics. Our goal is to bring hope to the most isolated and least reached communities within the Pacific Rim.

Check out some videos explaining a bit more of existing ministries in Australia, and what we are doing in Mazatlan!

I am called to join the staff of this ministry and to reach the isolated.

And that’s where you can join in supporting me. As an organization and a staff, we are 100% reliant on the support and generosity of others in order to live and work. We are not paid a salary or wage, and thus we trust that God will provide for us by moving people to support our callings.

My monthly expenses are about $600USD a month, or $20USD a day. This is simply buying me dinner once a month! Your support would enable me to pay for me to have food on the table, to have a roof over my head, basic utilities like gas, electric, internet, as well as other means to simply live.

I trust that God will use you to support me in fulfilling the calling of reaching the isolated with YWAM ships in Mexico. Any and all support is appreciated, whether it be recurring monthly or one time. Every dollar, every cent, every peso is appreciated and will be used to bring hope to the isolated and unreached.

You can contact me directly at +1 (925) 997 0735 or mtreinem@gmail.com or use your preferred electronic method such as:

PayPal: mtreinem@gmail.com

Venmo: tex reinemann

God Bless,




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