Updates from Mazatlan, MX -Jan 2017

Hey all!

I’ve officially been back in Mazatlan, Mexico for a full month now! On Dec 28, I did a 2 day drive from San Diego, CA to Mazatlan. It took me 8 hours to get to the border town of Nogales, AZ where I stayed the night; even though I had to stop for repairs in the middle of the desert! The next morning at 4am I crossed the border and drove 12 straight hours, arriving into Mazatlan just before dinner!

For many of us God simply asks us to say “Yes!” to the things he puts  in our lives. I thought that doing a DTS and then returning for staff would be the last challenging “Yes’s” that I would face for a while.

My very first official day as of staff, our Ships Director Ikaika asked me “Can you fly up to the bay area in California with me next week?”

As inconvenient as it was to return back to the US, I said “Yes” and flew up to do work on our new medical ship.

file_000-1Ikaika and I flew up to Bethel Island, CA to work on the Amazing Grace, a 100ft river trawler that will serve as the new flagship for YWAM Ships in Mexico. For 7-8 hours a day for 8 days, we worked tirelessly: refurbishing and reattaching porthole covers, pulling over 700ft of anchor chain onto shore, installed emergency equipment, and prepared the boat for its 1200 mile journey to Mexico on January 30th.

The Amazing Grace will serve as a medical outreach ship, bringing hope and aid to the
most unreached and isolated people in Latin America. Our ministry will be utilize short and long-term teams to serve the people of Mexico, Latin America, and the Caribbean for years to come with professional medical treatment, education, and the Gospel.

After returning from California, I was commissioned to work with our Student Communications department. Here, I call and talk with potential students that enquire us about our Discipleship Training and secondary level schools. I help them book flights, give support in raising finances, as well as discussing their interest in our schools. Encouraging students through prayer and talking with them encourages me so much, because I get to hear how God is moving in their lives!

Prayer Requests:

Thank you for taking the time to read my updates! I would greatly appreciate it if you would join me in supporting me in this time.

-Pray for the Amazing Grace and the people it will be serving here in Mexico.

-I am in need of ongoing support to be able to live and do what I do here in Mexico. As part of our vision, all YWAM staff are volunteer and unpaid. I rely on your continuing generosity to live here in Mexico! Please consider financially supporting me with either a one-of donation or monthly commitment.

Donate via PayPal

15 Las Palmas, Los Pinos

Mazatlan, Mexico


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