Updates from Mazatlan, MX – Feb 2017

February in a Nutshell

What a crazy month it has been! A lot of change, both good and unexpected, transpired in February.

Here’s this month’s recap:

  • Carnaval – 10 days of Crazy Ministry
  • Arrival of the Amazing Grace ship
  • Taking on New Leadership Roles
  • Rain, a Falling Roof, and a New Temporary Home
  • Prayer Requests

Mazatlan Carnaval

One of the biggest ministry events we do at YWAM Mazatlan is annual Carnaval! Carnaval is a huge week long party focused on drinking and having a god time that covers a huge part of the malecon (boardwalk). Thousands and thousands of people come to Mazatlan for the 3rd biggest Carnaval in the world, a proverbial Mardi Gras on steroids. It’s here that we get to evangelize and share Jesus with tons of these party-seekers!

“One night, a friend called me over to this old man he was talking with. The old man was using a cane to walk and told us about the immense pain he felt in his hips whenever he took a step.

We asked him if he believed Jesus could heal him of his pain so he could walk normally again. He said “I do,” and so we prayed for him to be healed. He said he still felt pain, so we prayed a second time. We then asked him to test it again without his cane. So he cautiously took a few steps. He said he wasn’t sure if he was healed, but he felt better. We wished him well and began to walk away.

After we took a few steps, we turned back to look at him. The old man had taken a few steps and then decided to tuck his cane under his arm, walking free from pain!”

This is one of the many crazy encounters I had with Christ! During Carnaval I worked with the women’s ministry. We felt God strongly wanted to restore identity to women we met as well as the men in their lives!

One particular night, we had a poster that said “Want to see something incredible?” When the people we met said Yes, we removed it to reveal a mirror, in which they could see their own reflection. God thinks you are incredible!

We saw so many lives impacted by the heart of Christ. I even met a man who had never heard about Christ and led him in a prayer to accept Christ, completely in Spanish!

A group of us did this drama in front of hundreds of people at Carnaval! Christ fought for you!

Arrival of the Amazing Grace

The M/V Amazing Grace finally arrived to Mazatlan!!

As you may recall, I spent some time in January working in California to ready a 100ft yacht to sail down to Mazatlan. After a 2 week journey, the 10-man crew arrived Feb 12 to the waiting arms of everyone in YWAM Mazatlan!

Since then, we as a Ships staff have begun preparing the ship to be refitted and remodeled into a working medical aid ship that will bring hope to unreached people groups in the Sea of Cortez. Part of this has been helping the Ebio family, the owners of the ship, move and settle into their new home in Mazatlan. I’ve already spent so many days helping them move off the ship to prepare for the construction!

Check out this video of its arrival to the Mazatlan Marina!

Taking on New Leadership Roles

Starting this month, I am now a ministry leader and a kitchen coordinator!

When I was a DTS student, I was involved with a weekly soccer club ministry in the local community. We would spend a few hours with local kids doing drills, playing matches, and sharing valuable teachings with them. We want to show them they have value and are loved while providing a safe place outside of school!

I have now taken on head responsibility for this ministry and I am super excited to see how God will use me with these kids and this community!

I have also begun to lead the breakfast crew! My mornings now start at 6 AM most weekdays as a small group of students and I prepare breakfast for the base. Here’s us making chilaquiles!

Rain, a Falling Roof, a Temporary Home

We as a base had been preparing for Carnaval for months. Our leadership team had been planning how to house and feed 50 extra people as well as the logistics of the Carnaval schedule. All that was thrown out the window when we had an unexpected night of heavy rain in Mazatlan’s dry season.

Because of all the construction on the roof, the rain eroded away some of the roof and it began to leak heavily inside the top floor where I and many others lived. At 2:30 AM we woke up and began to fight the storm inside our room while standing in inch deep water.

After an hour we thought we had successfully beaten the rain, until an hour later when the roof began to collapse. The roof had lost its structural integrity and concrete began to rain down inside the top level. Drenched, we began to evacuate the base at 5 AM. At around 7 AM the rain stopped and fortunately the roof did not collapse, only pieces of it did.

The housing plan for everyone was scrapped and we looked for alternate places for people to sleep until the base was deemed safe to live in again. Luckily, the all-clear was given 3 days later and students and the visiting teams moved back into the base.

I ended up living off-base with a few other staffers at a friend’s house for the 2 weeks of Carnaval. It was a huge blessing for me as it gave much needed rest during the craziness of Carnaval. I am so thankful to the Madsens for taking me in during this time.

Please pray for the construction on base to continue smoothly and safely and that I find more permanent housing in an apartment off base.

Prayer Requests

Thanks so much for reading my updates! Please be praying for the following:

  • The Amazing Grace and our Ships Ministry. We need finances and personnel to be able to get the ship ready to serve in the Sea of Cortez
  • Soccer Club! That the kids and their families would be impacted by us through Christ
  • For God to provide an apartment for me to live in
  • Wisdom, patience, and the willingness to say “Yes”

To be able to serve here in Mexico I rely 100% on financial support from people like you! I am in need of just $300/month to live here in Mexico. Would you consider supporting me in my missions work?

Donate via Paypal

Tex Reinemann

YWAM Mazatlan

Las Palmas 15

Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico

+1 (925) 997 0735



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